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#Stargate #Mars #2017shift

mars stargate

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#ManilaAttack #Stargate #ISIS #Terrorism #Ramadan #Breaking #News
#Astrology #Philippines #Manila




Ramadan starts with Moon conjunct Isis (sic), we hear of massacre
upon massacre. It's getting better though: your daily Ramadan killer
attacker spared his own victims, left loot in toilet, covered himself
with blanket then shot himself while setting oneself on fire or
vice-versa: anything goes. Here's your daily massacre photoshop.




  2. Victims
        were not harmed.

  3. Nothing
        much happened at all.

  4. The
        attacker “hurt no one”.

  5. The
        Don Quixote shrunk to cinder with a bullet hole: unrecognizable but
        tall white with a mustache and bullet hole through cinder.

  6. Attacker
        “shot himself while setting oneself on fire” “beyond

  7. Nobody
        was shot but a guard who accidentally shot himself!

  8. So
        people who say masked troops and heard gunfire were hallucinating as
        politically incorrect.

  9. The
        place is completely safe apart from some occasional but unlikely
        Ramadan arsonists from Oxford.

  10. At
        first there were masked attackers: now we picture a perfect
        gentleman whose only goal in life is to leave loot in toiled while
        immolating and shooting himself to death.

  11. It
        is “unclear” how he smuggled gasoline, amo and guns in.

  12. Where
        was he planning to cash-in the chips? Or sell them? To other tall
        white Cambridge guys?

  13. Any
        tall white Oxford mustache guy is easily mistaken for standard
        average ramadan nigger arab killer.

  14. Our
        thoughts and prayers go to...

  15. Bodies
        were not shot.

  16. “Hope
        things go well for the families of the dead.” (they always do: the
        quote is from Twitter).

  17. Pray
        for next massacre (preemptively; already_ #JeSuis).

  18. Terrorism
        is ruled out while we bomb our own cities because of tall white
        mustache guys.

  19. Terrorist
        attacks simply don't happen these days.

  20. It
        would be absurd to even intimate at an terrorist attack. Here? In
        the Philippines? Don't be funny.

  21. ISIS?
        You must be delusional #FalseFlag #LuegenPresse

  22. Gunfire
        was security guard shooting himself by accident.

  23. The
        gunman had no intention to open fire: except on himself as he
        covered himself with gasoline blanket and kept shooting himself to
        death while firing Zippo in the other white hand.

  24. The
        definition of “white” in the Philippines.

  25. Who
        or what overturned the vehicles?

  26. People
        leaping from balconies for so little? Insurance can't cover
        unprovoked Friday night attacks of panic.

  27. Caucasian?
        Oh, that's how we really look like – or them.

  28. “He
        did not hurt any people”.

  29. Nobody
        (but ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack.

  30. There
        was no attack.

  31. “There
        were other gunmen because we can hear gunshots elsewhere."

  32. Mars
        Stagate Moon Isis Venus Eris Uranus... worse to come in the
        following days as Mars enters and crosses Stargate: 9-11 situation.

  33. The
        press knows better and soothingly less than witnesses.

  34. “At
        least one masked gunman” thus unmasked.

  35. “Manila
        police say troops killed the man who burst into a casino complex
        with an assault rifle” so after he was killed by troops, the ex
        gunman immolated himself while additionally shooting oneself to less
        suffering death at stake.

  36. Note
        that the press knows better not only than witnesses but also police!

  37. So,
        the press agencies did not inform owners and police about the number
        of casualties: they tweet first; ask questions later.

  38. Come
        on: we would not sens tank regiments for that much? “Earlier
        reports suggested a number of heavily armed masked men were seen
        storming into the building.” Read “earlier” as “before the

  39. “Police
        said it appeared the suspect had killed himself after firing at
        officers.” Local police obviously does not read papers.

  40. Problem
        with face recognition software in ex gamblers.

  41. Light
        your own candle (Zippo owners) and wait for another round.











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