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Objavljeno: 1. marec 2004, 14:44

In front of the head of the table, in this case Jesus, is one large cup, a chalice, from which guest drank wine four times during the meal. The plates in front of each Apostle served as a receptacle for crumbs or remains of food.

The main food for the Passover Meal was the roast lamb, the unleavened bread, bitter herbs in the shape of bricks, and the Haroseth, a mixture of dried fruits, nuts, spices and herbs. Over the ages the Jews introduced various other food such as dates and pomegranates, their dessert and also eggs, representing the source of life. In a separate bowl containing a mixture of oil, vinegar, wine and spices, each guest dipped a piece of the bitter herbs. The lamb was, as aforesaid roasted and the Jews had to consume it completely, head and entrails included, without breaking any bones.

Špelca, te lahko prosim za prevod.

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