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3 Nove Planete

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#1 ananta

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Objavljeno: 5. januar 2006, 08:37

Objavil sem okoli 200 publikacij o na$e 3 nove planete. Vabljeni!

Giant Transneptunian Objects – New Planets?

Copyright © 2005 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

Among the potential candidates for a planet there’s a transneptunian object designated 2003 EL61 that is still awaiting delineation. The object’s importance due to its brilliance increased while we were occupied with 2003 UB313.

Whole generations were born with 2003 EL61, 2005 FY9 or Pluto in Coma Berenices. Presently 2003 EL61 moves from Coma Berenices to Bootes. It will reach the first stars of Bootes towards year 2007, the same year when Venus enters Hydra. The careful conclusion is deduced from the present orbital elements and due to the object’s extremely unusual nature. We keep discovering objects of the shape of a rugby ball, pear or banana.

2005 FY9 is presently in Coma Berenices. Both Coma Berenices and Bootes are zodiacal constellations since the discovery of Pluto. Many a reader and astrologer thus has Pluto in Coma Berenices as natal position. Pluto is currently in Serpens constellation. Serpens Cauda is the ascendant of the U.S.A. Pluto and the new candidates for a planet are rather inclined to the ecliptic, thus not very reliable in astrologic calculation when it comes to judging an opposition or even a square. Astrologers will have to upgrade to 3D reckoning while we keep on discovering large objects beyond Neptune as well as more Earth trojan moons. If 2003 UB313 claims one moon only, other objects may claim more than one moon. This seems the case with some of the potential planets.

The nature of 2003 EL61 is extremely foolish. The character will walk steadily into abyss and eternity. Divine madness is mixed with childish foolishness as well as unpardonable obstinacy in gross stupidity. The object surprises us since its influence may manifest more as mad than divine. A positive amulet against madness is surely the Egyptian cross.

In the time of Horus, 2003 EL61 may manifest as Baby in the Egg. The akasic egg may be one of the talismans of 2003 EL61. The portents may range from extreme obstinacy, endurance and athletic record to shameless display of vulgar madness.

One will approach this object with extreme care in active dreaming as well as evocation, since its rays may hide mad angels as well as brainstorming demons. The object may prove fatal for brain salad, much as the mad star Scheat. The picture is of a period of sheer madness leading to eternal life and possible sanctification. Divine folly is at best with 2003 EL61. Pregnant women should take special care with 2003 EL61 prominent in Coma Berenices. Veronica’s pregnancy was spiritual in nature.

In the banal reality 2003 EL61 stands for a mad pair of shoes, new light on the spiral staircase, recovery from madness, herbs curing alienation, special plants that can drive one mad but also cure, power plants, hallucinogenic plants, holy mushrooms, a dwarf’s enchantment, dwarf’s shoes, young animal leather, madly yours forever, mad wish for eternal life, forever young, the immortal core is childish, village lunatic that is holy to God. The madcap is characterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation.

Jumping into the abyss can be the door to infinity. Jumping into the abyss is the constant theme with Carlos Castaneda while some Chinese movie has that a sincere person jumping into the abyss does not die. Altered states of reality spin wonders before the seeker’s inner eye. One has found the eternal place under the mad god’s thumb.

Treading forever is one’s fate. Infinity catwalk is the planet’s orbit. Calculated madness is the state where true mind resurfaces. The manifestation of surfacing nagual must surely be terrible. One’s totem may be a white tiger, dog or cat, thus Anubis and Bast of the Egyptian gods. The tiger is akin to panther. Bast symbolizing the life-giving power of the sun can be used along with Ipy or Opet, the life and fetus protecting deity of the Nile.

#2 ananta

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List of largest transneptunian asteroids, updated 1/1/2006

Copyright © 2005 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

Minor Planet H

2003 UB313 -1.16

2005 FY9 -0.13

2003 EL61 0.23

Sedna 1.58

Orcus 2.30

Quaoar 2.72

2002 TX300 3.10

Vesta 3.20

2002 AW197 3.27

Ixion 3.33

Ceres 3.34

Varuna 3.55

2002 UX25 3.60

2004 GV9 3.68

2003 AZ84 3.82

2002 MS4 3.85

2002 TC302 3.85

2001 UR163 3.97

The site provides delineation in the 12 N&D astrological houses for the enlisted objects, as well as several transneptunian objects with H < 5 whether named or unnamed, major comets, centaurs, Earth trojan moons and a variety of objects.

All calculations made using IAU compatible astronomic zodiac with precessed ascendant.

#3 ananta

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Objavljeno: 12. januar 2006, 18:47

List of the new planets and largest transneptunian asteroids, updated 1/1/2006

Copyright © 2006 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

Minor Planet H Zodiacal IAU Constellation Status

2003 UB313 -1.16 Cetus New Planet

2005 FY9 -0.13 Coma Berenices Planet?

2003 EL61 0.23 Coma Berenices/Bootes Planet?

Sedna 1.58 Cetus
Orcus 2.30 Hydra
Quaoar 2.72 Ophiuchus
2002 TX300 3.10 Pegasus
2002 AW197 3.27 Cancer/Hydra
Ixion 3.33 Ophiuchus
Varuna 3.55 Gemini

2002 UX25 3.60 Pisces
2004 GV9 3.68 Hydra
2003 AZ84 3.82 Gemini
2002 MS4 3.85 Serpens/Ophiuchus (with Pluto/Charon in Serpens)
2002 TC302 3.85 Pisces/Aries

All calculations made using IAU compatible astronomic zodiac with precessed ascendant.
The site provides delineation in the 12 astrological houses for the enlisted objects, as well as several transneptunian objects with H < 5 whether named or unnamed, major comets, centaurs, Earth trojan moons and all new and potential planets.
The scientific zodiac has 24 zodiacal constellations. Coma Berenices and Bootes became zodiacal on Pluto’s discovery.
The new planet expands the zodiac into X Zodiac. 2005 has been marked with many zodiacal events happening in Cetus, thus the pope gave us his last blessing with Venus in Cetus and the London bombing happened with Mars in Cetus. While Cetus and Ophiuchus are among the well known zodiacal constellations, since all planets transit Cetus and Ophiuchus, some zodiacal constellations are generally less known. In the year 2007 Venus is in Hydra conjunct Orcus. Hydra is also one of the 16 current ascendants, thus children will be born with Hydra ascending and Venus conjunct Orcus in Hydra. Pluto in Coma Berenices and Bootes characterizes the seventies. Pluto was conjunct Uranus in Virgo for a period. Pluto is in Bootes around 1979, with Uranus far away in Libra: the revolution is over. In this way astrologers reckon. Since Pluto in Bootes is a rare albeit regular position for this object, astrologers reckon special events are in stock. The U.S.A. was founded with Serpens constellation rising in Philadelphia, while the ecliptic cu the horizon in Ophiuchus. Thus the eastern ascendant for the U.S.A. is Serpens Cauda, while the ecliptic ascendant is Ophiuchus. With the present transit of Pluto in Serpens, astrologers predict great changes in the U.S.A. Another example is the coincidence of Moon in Orion as found in Osama bin Laden’s natal chart as well as in the horoscope for the WTC impact. Children born with special planetary positions are invited towards independent self-development as well as emancipation from superstition. Scientific astrology can detect cases such as one of Alice born in August 2004 with Moon ascending in Cetus, Mercury in Sextans, Venus in Orion, Juno in Scutum and of course Pluto in Serpens.
The scientific approach to astrology is possible by using the astronomic zodiac and set of ascendants for the current epoch. There is lot to do in the field of astrology as concerns the basic education of the astrologer. The first step is to instruct on the Sun’s position. Sai Baba has been born Nov 23rd with Sun in Libra. After spending a week in Scorpius, the Sun moves into Ophiuchus. The general public as well as talented astrologer easily absorbs such basic astronomic facts. As above so below.
Klaudio Zic

#4 Mick

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Objavljeno: 12. januar 2006, 19:00


depra vedno in stalno..... :sori: :o| vseh planetih x:o)x
Nikogar ne obrekujem, samo govorim, kar mislim.
K. Čapek

#5 ananta

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Objavljeno: 24. januar 2006, 15:26

Scientific Astrology Study Notes

Copyright © 2006 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

In the following presentation of astrology the suggested sources are given in cursive.

The incipient astrologer needs astrology based on solid facts. We offer NASA and IAU.

The following suggestions and publications will assist the astrologer’s incipient steps.

1. The Astronomic Zodiac is a collection of 24 basic IAU constellations as defined by the motion of the planets. In WTC and the 10th Planet we disclose Moon was in Orion both on 9-11 and on Usama’s birthday, just below the well-known Orion Stargate. Venus in Special Constellations is a dedicated publication for people who asked about their Venus in Orion or Venus in Sextans. Hydra Kids are to be studied within Reptilian Astrology. These children will be born with Venus in Hydra in a couple of years. Since Pluto and the 10th planet 2003 UB313 expand the zodiacal experience, we include the expanded zodiac in several publications from Pluto in Coma Berenices to the 10th Planet and X Zodiac.

2. The skies are subject to precession. The relative rotation of the Earth axis changes the set of rising constellations on the horizon. This is called the precession of the ascendant. We currently use a set of 16 Precessed Ascendants. The Ascendant of the U.S.A. is Serpens, as featuring with Pluto in Serpens in the U.S.A. Solar Return for the 2006.

3. Primary direction is basic among several hundred techniques enabling astrologic prediction. Special care has to be given to objects with extreme declination. Natal Moon in Auriga should be carefully directed according to astronomic standards. 10th Planet in Secondary Progression is a special publication dedicated to 2003 UB313 directions.

4. Transneptunian Astrology is a fast growing field of modern astrology. The novice can use his newly acquired knowledge of the astronomic zodiac and precessed ascendant to acquire knowledge about the new and potential Planets 2003 EL61 and 2005 FY9.

Besides Sedna, newcomers will enjoy their Orcus, Quaoar, Ixion and Varuna delineation.

5. Giant comets thrice the size of Jupiter can determine the fate of the planet. Our works include comet Wild and the Green Comet position and delineation. Earth has several trojan moons which determine election. Our centaur report includes the recently discovered centaur objects. We delineate centaurs and TNO since the discoveries of Pholus and 1992 QB1. The centaurs are a standard part of every astrologic report.

6. While it is often a matter of seconds to determine the date of your marriage, it is also possible to determine an alternative future according to your plan. Future-changing technology includes the removal of bad transits ahead as well as their replacement with prefab positive events. O5 future-changing technology by alt.clearing.O5 includes the Personal Cosmic Secretary. True Mind Distiller prepares one to Master O5 while Snow Crash initiation enables instant event creation at will. Having natal Uranus in the 12th house is no longer a problem. Saturn Discreation for Astrologers teaches you to direct natal as well as progressed astrological events towards your benefit. As above so below.

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