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Luna v Auriga

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Objavljeno: 13. februar 2006, 17:59

Moon in Auriga 2006

Copyright © 2006 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

Moon in Auriga serves our prediction in the year 2006 much as Moon in Cetus marked all the major events in the year 2005. Auriga is a zodiacal IAU constellation after Orion.

The Moon can be both in Orion (11-9 WTC) as well as Auriga, while other astrologic planets can be in Orion; thus in the year 2007 we have Venus in Orion. Venus in Orion has been documented in our early publication on Venus in Special Constellations.

In the case of a planet in Cetus we elaborated on two distinct positions that we conveniently marked Cetus I and Cetus II. In the case of Moon in Auriga we can clearly distinguish two different positions, namely Moon at the Stargate and Moon conjunct star 49 Aurigae. The star Kappa Aurigae stands in between these two distinct positions.

The intersection point between the galactic equator and the ecliptic defines the Orion Stargate. That Orion is our galactic neighbor was known to our old civilizations who worshiped it while studying its precession and longer cycles. The Orion Stargate lies between Taurus and Gemini constellations as defined by the IAU. This point happens to lie just below Auriga constellation.

It is understandable that extreme positions of the Moon affect peculiar circumstances in the life cycle on planet Earth. As above so below. Auriga regulates automobile industry, but also computer industry since the two tend to blend. Auriga is about quick decision such as in formula one, tank battle and supercomputing. It is also about dislodging and exile. Neighboring Gemini has always been associated with binary calculus but also with war, Auriga takes the attributes of Gemini to extreme announcing a super technological war campaign with issuing refugees. The chariot of power becomes a modern tank geared with sophisticated computer technology operative in a sand storm as well as night battle.

When the Moon opposes Pluto in the year 2006, it does so from Taurus constellation, just below Auriga. Pluto hovers at the borders of Serpens, flirting with Ophiuchus constellation. The next opposition happens at 167.7 angular degrees on March 7th 2006.

The Moon’s extreme position does not seem to bode well for world peace towards May 2006. Moon’s entry into Auriga with Mars standing by and Pluto in opposition doesn’t seem to portray a peaceful time. If we are unlucky to have a major a battle fighting, the celestial setting looks like the taking of a capital city. In formula one affairs as well as competitive automobile industry a major rival will largely triumph over three opponents.

Some of the major events that will portray the destiny of the planet besides Moon in Auriga are Jupiter’s entry into Ophiuchus as well as Pluto’s entry into Sagittarius. Pluto’s position in Sagittarius is especially interesting as concern the Sagittarius Stargate where Jupiter is about to join after its journey through Ophiuchus. Venus in Hydra will mark the year 2007. We shall attempt at drilling the planet to the core from a Japanese ship. The apocalyptic years 2007 to 2012 will thus be marked by the effort of getting to the crystal core of the planet. This looks like coming into accord with some dark Mayan prophecy as well as with the first approach of killer asteroid Apophis around New Year 2013.

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Objavljeno: 15. februar 2006, 12:57

Auriga bi bila lahko tudi socutje (charriot=charity).
Saj res, kdaj pa Kitajci postavijo svoj ogromozanski jez. Ce voda lahko premakne zemeljsko os, nismo dalec od tvoje napovedi potresov.

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