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#1 ananta

  • Legenda Foruma
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Objavljeno: 24. september 2006, 14:22

2003 UB313 je Eris ali jabolko spotike...

Treating Eris like a Lady
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Treating Eris like a Lady - Eris Publications

Copyright © 2006 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

Eris is associated with positive competition, healthy spirit of
capitalism as well as upgrade. One of the best representations of the
spirit of Eris is Bill Gates with Eris conjunct Moon. The golden apple
thrown by Eris is obviously Apple Macintosh. Bill Gates took the
challenge and the market. The challenge of Eris and her apple are
obvious. Catch the golden apple! The house of the horoscope containing
Eris is the house of challenge.

Eris is challenging you to catch the golden apple with our
publications. Eris publications sell online since August 1st 2005.

? Eris in love was one of our fist publications. Eris in Love and War
is a completely new rendering for the year 2007. Watch out for bonus
manual for the astrologer in the year 2007! With Jupiter in Ophiuchus
and Venus in Hydra it is a very special year indeed! You don't need the
Antichrist to know that planetary waves get turbulent.
? Catch the golden apple with Bill Gates and our new edition of Eris in
Las Vegas. May Eris transits help Jupiter Uranus transits for best
results! As we said Eris is the mercilessly successful spirit of
capitalism. Cain and Abel fought first. Who is next?
? Eris in synastry and secondary progressions may help you getting an
idea of Eris in aspect. All aspects have been determined
astronomically. Eris does not make close conjunctions too often. A
14-degree aspect can be generously treated as a "close" one.
? Eris was delineated as 2003 UB313 a year ago. You will find
applications in the 12 houses for every life situation. There are even
special editions for kids and pets!
? Objects designated as 2005 FY9 or 2003 EL61 are next in size to Eris
and Pluto. All transneptunian giants have received their delineation
when they were still unnamed. Many of them are unnamed still but have
their delineation. Our recent effort covers the delineation of a large
number of transneptunian objects in the 7th house of the horoscope.

Eris is the major dwarf planet in astrology as delineated in love and
war, sex, business, real estate, for women, in spiritual life, for
kids, for pets and even for the old school of astrologers. The dwarf
planet does not have anything like a standard trajectory as it is
moving almost perpendicular to the ecliptic. As concern the generally
well known IAU zodiacal constellations Eris will enter Pisces and Aries
and only in 200 years it will cross Virgo. Eris will thus never enter
Taurus, Orion or Gemini on its way. It is impossible to have Eris in
Aquarius much as it is to have Pluto in Aries. The previous generation
had Eris in Sculptor much as the present has Eris in Cetus.

Planets hide their secrets. Even the modest Moon has many surprises for
the astrologer. While Eris was setting in Cetus over the western WTC
horizon, the Moon entered Orion.

Eris was delineated for general use in astrology as well as for
accurate predictions. Since even the "well known" Sun, Moon or Venus
need extra accuracy when used in prediction, we can afford treating
Eris like a lady in her own constellation. The place she likes to be is
the constellation where she was found. Since the Moon, Mercury, Venus
and every planet enter Cetus, Cetus is a zodiacal constellation in its
own right. Dwarf planet Pluto can even make a close conjunction with
Eris in Cetus in its own time. Pluto must be a strange fellow since it
never enters Pisces or Aries. After Sculptor, Cetus, Pisces and Cetus
II, Eris will enter Aries. After a short sojourn in Aries Eris is
heading towards the north pole while crossing Perseus, Camelopardalis,
Lynx, Ursa Major, Canes Venatici and Coma Berenices before crossing the
ecliptic again in Virgo. Thus Eris crosses the ecliptic only twice in
600 years. It is surely a peculiar lady.

In some 500 years from now Varuna, 2005 FY9 and 2003 UB313 will meet in

Outdated house systems and hardly scientific astrology cannot cope with
Eris because they cannot calculate the ascendant or even the position
of the Sun. Scientific astrology is able to look astronomy in the face
because they are one. We know the skies change due to precession. The
set of ascendants is changing constantly. The ascendant is not a static
thing at all. Since the Sun ventures into Ophiuchus and the Moon into
Auriga and Venus in Hydra we have 24 astronomic constellations in all.
To have 12 signs in the sky is of course a simplification for the
simple folk. Astrologers know where planets are much as astronomers do.
There is one Mars only. When it is noon it is noon for astrologers and
astronomers as well. We have only one vault above us. God did not
create a separate vault for the astrologers and the devil to play upon
it. There is one generally accepted astronomical sky. Observatories all
over the planet agree as to the position of the Sun. In the following
passage one will learn that it is not that easy at all to determine the
position of the Sun. It is in fact quite a challenge in special cases
such as that of Sai Baba.

Isa 47:13 Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now
the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up,
and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.

Eris is below the western horizon when in the 6th house. This seemingly
meaningless note is in fact necessary. There are programs one is liable
to come across that are calculating various systems of houses. To our
best knowledge and on inspection we did not find any house system that
shows the real sky. In the case of Eris this means that Eris should not
be observable when in the 6th house and well below the western horizon.
The result of use of peculiar "house systems" is one can never tell
where the planet in question really is. Since in astrology it is not at
all the same if your Neptune is in the 7th or in the 6th house this
creates additional chaos to the already rich list of bugs. We take that
the real sky is a fairly accurate collection of omens. Since we work
with the real sky we don't need any distortion. We don't want to
misplace planets for the purpose of superstition or cheating.

When Eris is setting, the descendant is most probably Cetus. In some
variations the descendant will be alternatively measured as Taurus or
even Eridanus. Note that Eridanus and Taurus are rather rare ascendants
at the present epoch since they occupy a minor part of the eastern sky.
The animations on the site clearly show this obvious fact. The
descendant cannot be Aries at this epoch since Aries is presently quite
incapable setting in due west much as it is currently impossible for
Aries to rise in due east. What happens to the virtual sky as used by
various astrologers. This sky simply does not exist and probably never
did. It was meant for educational purpose. No astrologer that is
accurately observing the motion of the planets would take the 12 signs
simplification seriously. The 12 signs were probably used for general
purpose while the initiate of course knew about e.g. Venus in Hydra. In
old Egypt Hydra and Le were in fact depicted together. It is highly
unlikely that the Mayan civilization remained unaware of the special
positions of Venus. Some civilizations were literally obsessed with a
particular star such as Sirius or planet like Venus. When a comet or
supernova would appear it was of course recorded in the appropriate
constellation. The Egyptian would surely depict a planet exactly in its
position modern representations such as at Denderah still retain the
possibility f depicting e.g. Venus in Cetus or "Eris in Anubis". It can
be generally assumed that whether the "astrologer" knows it or not his
natal Sun may be in Ophiuchus. Moreover whoever has no problem
accepting that Spica Virginis is "at the 23rd degree of Libra" should
be at least informed of the strange possibility that the major star of
Virgo is in fact in Virgo. To have Sun in Virgo on the major star of
large Virgo constellation probably means one has been born with Sun in
Virgo. That should be sufficiently logical even for the less gifted. It
seems logical to look towards the west in search of the descendant much
as we would naturally torn towards the east looking for the ascendant.
While this and many other facts seem logical they are never used in
astrology. Various examples clearly show e.g. Pisces rising while the
astrologic program calculates "Capricorn". Albeit Capricorn is at
southeast and high in the sky, the program has it "ascending". What is
worse people believe such nonsense probably trusting "astrologers" as
against possibly evil scientists". The problem is that before
astrologers are quite incapable of discovering new objects like Eris
possibly because they can't use a compass. The result of the
"development of astrology" especially in the past 2000 years is that it
is more reliable to consult a Boy Scout than an astrologer. Imagine
someone born with Sun in Virgo and Pisces rising being told by a
trusted astrologer that he is a "Scorpio with Capricorn ascending".
Hilarious as it seems wrong identification could ruin one's life and
karma if one had one but it may not be so. Astrological
"interpretation" as well as "suggestiveness" among people in general
easily marches along with false ego and towards an adequate "yes
sometimes I really feel like this" or "Scorpio personality suits me
well". It is understandable that someone with Sun in Virgo must feel
like a "Scorpio". Even avatars should in fact generally accept it. But
when it comes to avatars of truth we may be informed that things don't
look as we think up there. The Vedic system greatly differs from the
western tropical system as God and NASA may be just slightly at odds.
We have informed Sai Baba that his natal sun was still in Libra on
November 23rd 1926 however preposterous it may seem to non-astrologers.

The innovations that we introduced can be summed up as follow.

? The astronomic zodiac is the basis for accurate operation with
planets. This scientific zodiac has 24 IAU constellations. In the yea
2007 we have Jupiter in Ophiuchus and Venus in Hydra. Those are just
examples of accuracy as to the position of the planets. Supposedly
astrologers knew about those positions some 2000 years ago. Then
something happened and we went retrograding into superstition.
? The precessed ascendant is a new way of looking towards the east with
optimism. As the ascendant set changes as we observe the rise and fall
of ideals. When Crater and Aries were rising King Arthur led the Grail
pursuit. Crater is a zodiacal constellation sometimes meaning the
Grail. A pharaoh born with Lepus ascendant was surely a cowardly fellow
and so on.
? We have 16 rising constellations at this epoch. The astrologer trains
to determine the eastern ascendant according to the real sky. The
procedure generally saves time and effort. There is no error in the
real sky. The east is a reliable ascendant.
? Special positions of the planets. In "Venus in Special
Constellations" the word "special" is for the newcomer. To have Venus
in Sextans or Orion is in fact quite a common affair. Our favorite
example had Moon in Cetus, ascendant Hydra, Mercury in Sextans, Venus
in Orion, Juno in Scutum and Pluto in Serpens.
? Since Egyptian astrology functions well with NASA based observation
we decided to blend the old Egyptian system with our own. This project
takes time. At present we are integrating the pre-Denderah elements
into our own system. Egypt is fascinating when cleared from Greek
distortions (sorry, Eris!).
? The Eris materials range from experimental to comprehensive
applications. Gigabytes of published material over a year of hard work
should warrant reliability.

Klaudio Zic

#2 Trudi

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Objavljeno: 24. september 2006, 14:24

Sej se mi je zdel ja

#3 angeo

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Objavljeno: 24. september 2006, 14:26

(sorry, Eris!) to je vse kar razumem :inocent:
A guardian Angel
Who will guide what you do,
Her pure essence is love,
Sent to watch over you

#4 Trudi

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Objavljeno: 24. september 2006, 14:30

(sorry, Eris!) to je vse kar razumem :inocent:

Kako :eek: x:Dx pa sej je vse čist razločno napisano x:Dx :o|o: :inocent: x:Dx

in to celo 2x ERIS :o|o: :inocent:

#5 ananta

  • Legenda Foruma
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Objavljeno: 24. september 2006, 15:36


tvoj cucek? border collie ali bob?

#6 Trudi

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Objavljeno: 24. september 2006, 15:41


tvoj cucek? border collie ali bob?

BOB x^x :palec:

#7 lunca

  • Lunatik
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Objavljeno: 25. september 2006, 07:39

BOB x^x :palec:

x:Dx :palec: Bobu, bob. x;)x

#8 ananta

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Objavljeno: 22. oktober 2006, 15:47

Pa she nekaj o Eris novega tlele..

canis minor tudi:)

#9 ananta

  • Legenda Foruma
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Objavljeno: 22. oktober 2006, 16:18

Eris blog... vtipkaj

eris astrology v google pa bo!

#10 Malina75

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Objavljeno: 21. marec 2017, 14:45

Vraiment sympa ce site web



#11 ananta

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Objavljeno: 15. maj 2017, 00:08 &pageOffset=36

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