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#1 patricija1189

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Objavljeno: 28. januar 2016, 15:21

Največ se v zadnjem času govori o odkrivanju zarot.Koliko je v tem resnice?Morda se plašimo bolj kot je potrebno.Ali pač?

#2 patricija1189

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Objavljeno: 28. januar 2016, 15:26

Se da tole prestavit v drug forum -sem pokapirala, da tule notr mogoče ne bi tema zaživela?

#3 Simon Whitechapel

Simon Whitechapel
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Objavljeno: 10. februar 2016, 14:02

Največ se v zadnjem času govori o odkrivanju zarot.Koliko je v tem resnice?Morda se plašimo bolj kot je potrebno.Ali pač?


Neznano, skrivnostno, nadnaravno (posmrtno življenje, duhovi, prihodnost, bog, vesoljci, skrivne združbe itd), so bile od vedno aktualne tematike:

1.) Neznano ljudi vedno privlači in

2.) Dopušča mogočnost vsakovrstnih manipulacij (ker ljudje o neznanem seveda ničesar ne vedo).


Lep zgled tovrstnih šušmarij, je gospod Alex Jones


Po drugi strani, pa so različne skrivne družbe obstojale tudi v resnici. Take družbe so bile običajno skrivne, iz povsem praktičnih razlogov: npr mafija, ker jo je preganjala policija; potem različne vere, ker jih je preganjala inkvizicija; potem različne politične opcije, ker so jih preganjale druge politične opcije itd, itd, itd...

"It's All in Your Head ... You Just Have No Idea How Big Your Head Is..." Lon Milo DuQuette



#4 Damijan Ditner

Damijan Ditner
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Objavljeno: 11. februar 2016, 12:53

Se da tole prestavit v drug forum -sem pokapirala, da tule notr mogoče ne bi tema zaživela?


Kakšno teorijo zarote pa imaš v mislih?

Morda pa kljub temu zaživi?

Damijan D

#5 patricija1189

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Objavljeno: 11. februar 2016, 12:56

Teorij kokr češ.Trenutno je na potezi zasužnjevanje ljudi s pomočjo uma.

#6 Malina75

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Objavljeno: 23. januar 2017, 12:16

interessant de trouver comme ce genre de postes.

voyance email

#7 *glas*

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Objavljeno: 31. maj 2020, 21:23

Pravkar TV3 predvaja dokumentarec Duh Časa (Zeitgest: The Movie),
govori o skritem ozadju religij, o ameriškem 9/11 samonapadu, o skritih ozadjih vojne itd..
Se kar premikajo zadeve, če tole lahko vidiš že na TV.. wink.png 

"če te nekaj sili leteti, se nikdar ne boš plazil.."

#8 alef

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Objavljeno: 15. junij 2020, 07:08

Teorije zarote in Nostradamusove prerokbe +zarot


Iskalnik je lahko zelo koristna zadeva... sing.gif tongue.png

Objavljena slika
Čeprav nam je veliko vzeto, veliko še ostaja. In čeprav nimamo več tiste moči ki je nekoč premikala nebo in zemljo, smo kakršni smo, istih junaških src od časa in usode oslabljenih,
vendar z neomajno voljo boriti se, iskati, najti in ne popustiti.

Lord Alfred Tennyson - Ulysses

#9 alef

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Objavljeno: 15. junij 2020, 07:13

Če koga zanima

Objavljena slika
Čeprav nam je veliko vzeto, veliko še ostaja. In čeprav nimamo več tiste moči ki je nekoč premikala nebo in zemljo, smo kakršni smo, istih junaških src od časa in usode oslabljenih,
vendar z neomajno voljo boriti se, iskati, najti in ne popustiti.

Lord Alfred Tennyson - Ulysses

#10 *glas*

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Objavljeno: 17. junij 2020, 23:37

Pane Andov, zelo udaren text.. trenutni opis stanja sveta, kot ga vidi on:


"Respected friends, I would really appreciate the few minutes of your precious time and I thank you for your attention.

I would like to share something with you and possibly this will be among my last posts regarding this matter.

I will try to keep it as short as possible.

As you are all aware, what is happening at the moment is something unseen before and obviously we have reached a critical point in human history.

We have entered the mid-2020 and it seems that the balance of power in the modern human society - no longer exist.

This balance of power on a global scale in the last 1000 years or so, was more or less established among the secret societies, which were always fighting for dominance.

The stronger secret societies eliminated or assimilated the weaker ones and what we are seeing today is the final result of that filtering process.

These secret societies had different names…

The Illuminati, Freemasons, Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O), Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn, The Order of The Skull & Cross Bones, The Bilderberg Group, etc., were all part of this process.

For the record, among many other things, many of these secret societies practiced and are still practicing occult rituals, paranormal, alchemy, black magic and Satanism.

The Catholic Church, Jewish Zionists, The Order of Templars, The Orthodox Church etc.. were all and still are involved in these practices and with members of the above mentioned secret societies.

Unfortunately, we have reached a point of time where the greed for power and control had progressed to such a level that the Freemasons have spread its international influence so strong that now they want to reshape the fundamentals of human civilization and abolish everything that is moral and divine.

They have formed a brotherhood with all the above mentioned secret societies and practically today they are “one happy family”.

Today’s worldwide spread Freemasonry which appeared somewhere between 5th to the 15th century and a lot older than 300 years as it is often officially stated, has millions and millions of members in over 33,000 Masonic lodges and over 250 Grand Lodges around the world…is taking the control of the asleep and deceived human society.

Of those mentioned…it seems that the Anglo-American in US and the Continental branch that is in Europe are the most powerful Freemason branches that control all the rest worldwide spread masonic network.

Unfortunately, a sick idea that had existed in the minds of the top members of these secret societies…is now becoming a reality.

The idea of the so-called “New World Order” composed of rulers and servants with no middle class or democracy is materializing before our eyes all around the world and it appears that there is nothing that the general population can do to stop this.

These secret societies have members in top politics around the world, in the leading world academia, in the W.H.O, in the military and police departments, in the justice system of many countries, with elected premiers and presidents of countries.

In fact with the exception of Trump and few others, the elected government is not to protect the people (the middle class and the low poor class in human society) but quite opposite - to protect the super-rich world establishment, the mentioned secret societies and organizations with the 13 richest families on the top of the pyramid control.

There are many projects that are happening simultaneously, many which are very complex in their entirety and if observed separately, they do not make much sense or they seem unconnected.

But if one zoom out from all this mess and starts following the money and the projects one by one, it all fits in one huge mosaic and it makes perfect sense.

As you are reading this the communist China had implemented the 5G technology to a high degree and very sophisticated system of surveillance that includes new advanced cameras, a system that has advanced facial recognition software, audio spying software, tracking software etc…all run by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The new powerful worldwide control system will require hundreds of 5G satellites worldwide that as soon as ready and operational will be ready to serve and implement the NOW.

In "communist" China, there is no democracy whatsoever and anyone that questions the decisions of the government is either imprisoned or eliminated.

In such conditions it was easy to implement the new surveillance control system…where children’s brainwaves, thoughts and feelings are now monitored via 5G internet of things and run by AI that creates algorithms...and as with adults it creates credits for each citizen.

These secret societies are now using sophisticated nano-technology inside the vaccines and microchipping that will be accessible to AI and in that way the population will be easily controllable or eliminated if needed.

On the other hand…in Europe, US, Russia, and some parts of Asia where people are more used to some form of democracy so to speak, they couldn’t implement the same tactic and surveillance control system which takes all human liberties away…so they came up with a hoax worldwide treat – that was called covid19.

Covid19 / Certificate of vaccination identification run by AI.

Number 19 does not only stands for 2019 but if you check 19 in alphabet order…1 stands for A and 9 for I – which is “AI” a symbol for artificial intelligence.

As mentioned, many projects started running in parallel.

5G Internet network started to be implemented almost everywhere, so is the launching of more and more satellites which in the future will be upgraded to 6G and 7G technologies.

None of these technologies are proven to be safe for human health on the long run and for the record some of the frequencies that 5G uses are classified just one scale bellow a weapon.

Many surveillance cameras with face recognition and thermal scanning ability are installed everywhere and will continue to be installed in the next few years to come.

While the planetary air traffic was shut down, adjustments have been made to the airplanes in a sense of installing new surveillance cameras, compatible 5G hardware, social distancing fences etc.

The same will apply for river, sea and ocean cruises and in the near future these adjustments will be implemented in the train stations, ...practically all sort of public transport. Domestic and International.

Since the future slave class will need to be tagged, traced and controlled...the leaders of the secret societies came up with the idea that the best way is via microchip and nano-technology that will be injected via forced vaccination.

A global database will be built in the next few years that will include every living human across planet Earth.

The covid19 test which in many cases are already infected with the covid type of virus is used for two purposes.

One purpose is to generate false modeling so the lockdowns will continue, and by stopping the international and domestic trade the economy will suffer drastically and the longer this is in force the more devastating impact will be on the global economy. Which is done on purpose and the plan is to prolongate the lockdowns as long as possible, via fake second and third waves…and if that does not work....probably there is a plan to implement real bio w…ns and do some real damage.

The second purpose is to take a sample of RNA of every person and afterwards by using sophisticated lab technique the RNA will be converted into DNA.

In other words, they are building a gigantic planetary human DNA database. Together with the microchip that will be connected to the will give the powers at be the full data about each person in the slave class.

In addition to the second purpose, there are some indication that the test is done in a specific way so small nano-particles can be put in every individual that will take the test.

For those who are not familiar, the Nanotechnology is manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.

I’m talking about manipulation of matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers.

The size of 1 nanometer is one billionth of a meter. It is about 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Another comparison to give you some idea of how small particles I’m talking about and what the military and the secret gov nano tech projects had been working for decades now,
…when I refer to this nanotechnology I mean that it is the size of a large bacterial cell which has the size of 1 micron across.

A micron is a unit of length equivalent to a millionth of a meter.

Many people who took the test were complaining that the smell and the taste of some unidentified substance stayed in their mount and throat for days after the test.

The testing will continue and since this cannot be done overnight with over 7.7 billion people worldwide it will be done in stages. First the temperature and the test will be taken on most or all passengers of public transport, especially before boarding to airplane. It will become a routine.

1.5 meters social distancing is needed for the facial recognition software and the security cameras.

The negative effects of the street 5G towers, cells, lamps etc…will be huge.

Anyway, since the covid19 fake crisis didn’t actually work, Soros, Henry Kissinger and other people like them, all members of the above mentioned secret societies staged an event that directly targeted the race conflict. People were recruited and paid for the so called peaceful protests, which in most were not but they turned into riots.

Since Trump in US is resisting the elite plan for total global domination, the next chess move was to cause social unrest, riots and hopefully a civil war.

Defunding the police is one step to induce even more chaos on the streets of many cities and then entire countries will fall into anarchy and chaos.

If you remember the famous Freemason saying: order out of chaos…suits well here.

ORDO AB CHAO is Latin for “Order Out of Chaos or Order from Disorder.

Hollywood is also involved into all this, via “celebrities” like Madona, Lady Gaga and many others that were part of their “exotic parties” where sick sexual rituals are performed with little children and animals without their consent.

In other words, Hollywood elites engage in the ritual abuse of children and the practice of drinking their blood. In some cases some of the celebrities claimed that they are eating human flesh, just to give you the idea that the elite of Hollywood that we are watching on TV and cinemas are heavily involved in pedophilia and very weird stuff.

The Vatican and other religious institutions on the highest level are part of these secret societies and heavily involved in pedophilia. One might ask where the human trafficking is coming from and how many missing children are reported every year and how many babies are proclaimed dead and are actually not…they finish as all sorts of slaves or simply on the dinner plate of these very distorted individuals.

The Democratic Party in US is full of these individuals so are some of the members of the Republican Party. And everyone knows it. Joe Baden is proven paedophile, possibly member of KKK and Freemasons...also according to some sources satanist.

If he wins the elections he will probably resign and Hilary will take over...either way it will be no good.

If Trump is removed from office, there will be no more obstacles for these distorted people. Trump is game player too, far from perfect, he knows all about the deep state, secret societies, human trafficking etc...but he plays in a way that it will maintain him in power.

Unfortunately, at the moment he seems the only resistance to the plan for implementing one world government under a new world order.

Here in Australia there is no political opposition, most of the top politicians are Freemasons.

It has to be clear as a day to every each of us, that like the media, the governments cannot protect us, since they are only extended hand of the Freemasons.

Like the corrupted media, they do not make the decisions, they only serve to implement the will of the Freemasons.

When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know that your nation is doomed. ~ Ayn Rand

Astana was the first New World Order City built and Capital of Kazakhstan.

It is practically the first Masonic city of the future. Soon new cities will be built on the same principles and on a specific location that match the planetary energy grid.

If this implementation of the NWO is not stopped, our future does not look very bright, planet Earth and the human civilization will become a cold and a dark expression of life.

The plan is to implement the NWO till 2030 or even prior.

The lockdowns will probably come for a while, then the restrictions will easy for a short period of time and then there will be new lockdowns.

During every new lockdowns the economy will be crushed more and more, until the middle class is not wiped completely.

The job keeper and job seeker packages are only to provide temporary stimulus for the lower class of human society but as soon as their agenda is accomplished, things will turn out very badly for the people that think Centrelink will feed them forever.

Bottom line…the Freemasons worldwide network and other secret societies that entered the global brotherhood…want one world government, one world digital currency or digital credit (once implemented when the total collapse of the economy occurs and the “cashless society” idea is introduced) that will individually be used via microchip, one world police force.

Even more disturbing is the Georgia's Own Doomsday Stonehenge Monument - The nearly twenty-foot granite slabs, known as the Georgia Guidestones speak about depopulation. To be more precise - that humanity should be maintained under half a billion.

You do not need to be rocket scientist to understand where this is going. At some stage in near future when they accomplish all their agendas, the last agenda will be depopulation or killing over 7 billion people.

From the planned half a billion, only 1% will rule via high tech futuristic society setup powered and maintained by AI…9% the police force, media and other obedient workers for the super-rich establishment…while the rest 90% of the remaining human population will be slaves…slaves for the hard work, slaves for pleasure and slaves for food.

At this stage you have probably noticed that the highest levels of governments around the world are implementing dangerous laws overnight, removing any possible interference by the other politicians to challenge or remove these laws.

Laws like giving W.H.O. authority as weapon inspectors so they can freely and legally enter peoples homes, remove family members or children and taking them into detention or who knows where and for what purposes.

Sounds too far out to be true…well unfortunately that is the plan of these distorted individuals of the Illuminati order, the so-called Bilderberg group and the Freemasons.

In the next couple of months you will watch how they will start to talk that they have found a vaccine that works, however this time there will be a small electric shock that will have a multi-purpose.

The corrupted media will start airing that until everyone is vaccinated with covid19 vaccine there will be no international travel.

Once one gets the vaccine and the microchip…its all over, he or she is a walking death, they will lose the entire privacy, they will be monitored and traced every second, everywhere and if necessary terminated remotely.

The weaponisation of the 5G technology on a global scale is something yet to be known about.

At the moment 1% of the people are doing this, they have all the money, all the power and means to do it. Just the fact that they have shut down the entire air traffic of planet Earth and put countries into lockdown tells how powerful these people are.
There are trillions of dollars put in these agenda for NWO.
9% are part of the implementing machine, the elected governments, the media, the police force, the corrupted health workers etc…most of the top people in these departments are freemasons.

89% of the human population is asleep, hypnotized and in fear from the constant fearmorgering by the government and media how deadly this “virus” is. Now they have been distracted with racism and racial conflict…we have reached a point in time when prisoners are released from prisons to cause problems on the street, and all the rest who depend on the mainstream media are easily brainwashed and pushed into violence for artificially created crisis.

1% of the population is more or less awake, has done their homework, their research and they understand who is behind all of this and where all this is going. They try hard to awake the other people, who often ridicule them. Even worse, now the leading world social media like YouTube and Facebook are censoring their attempts to share information that goes in contrast to the narrative of the establishment.

It would not be exaggeration to say that the freedom of speech on planet Earth is dying.

They are killing the free thought, the freedom of expression…let that sink in for a moment.

Instead of protesting for false causes, people should be out on the street and protesting for the right reasons…but when these protest against forced vaccinations or the possible dangers of 5G occur, only a few hundred people show up.

To finalize, if humanity does not wake up…we are doomed.
One by one our liberties will be taken away and we will awake in a cold and hostile environment where all our moves will be monitored and if we are not obedient…we will be punished.
We are being played in a way we haven’t before. This could be the end game.

So unless some miracle happens, and all of the above does not happen…which would be great…we are for a rough ride…
For me, this is where my efforts stop, never had any interest in politics or secret societies, but this time I had no choice and I had to look deeper into what is happening.

As mentioned, the idea of the so-called “New World Order” composed of rulers and servants with no middle class or democracy is materializing before our eyes all around the world and it appears that there is nothing that the general population can do to stop this.

The awaken 1% of humanity mostly has no funds to do anything significant and has only the social media in effort to awake more people but even that now is fading and falling apart due to the fact that the social media and the Internet will soon be heavily controlled and everything that can harm the narrative of the establishment will be removed.

I sincerely hope the above will help some of you to understand better what is happening at the moment and what will happen in the near future if things continue moving in the same direction.

Let’s hope all the above is wrong, and that things will normalize and the basic human freedoms will not be compromised or taken.

From my heart to yours my friends…and let’s hope that things will turn around and will have a positive outcome.

Freedom, harmony and prosperity for all,


Pane Andov / June 17th 2020












Top 6 Most Elite SECRET SOCIETIES In The World:






Astana The Future New World Order City Capital of Kazakhstan:

"če te nekaj sili leteti, se nikdar ne boš plazil.."

#11 *glas*

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Objavljeno: 22. junij 2020, 19:30

Vpišite v google katerokoli tromestno število in še dve besedi "new cases"..  boste videli kaj bo google našel..  za vsako cifro je že pripravljen članek..  :))

"če te nekaj sili leteti, se nikdar ne boš plazil.."

#12 *glas*

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Objavljeno: 8. julij 2020, 11:37

Uporabniki vsadka lahko tako bolniki, kot tudi delavci različnih podjetij ali pa kar celotno prebivalstvo. Osnovna naloga implantanta bo mobilni aplikaciji pošiljati podatke o zdravju posameznika. V nadaljevanju pa bo aplikacija podvržena nadzoru uporabnikov sistema in njihovim zdravnikom ter zdravstvenim ustanovam pa še raznim agencijam za nadzor nad javnim zdravjem ter tudi raziskovalcem.


Nova24, toraj JJ ima pripravljen celoten scenarij..  no ne on, on je samo popolna prodana duša globalizacijskim silam in je le lutka s katero lahko po svoji volji upravljajo entitete, ki imajo ves denar sveta.. svetovne korporacije brez duše..  in še kdo izza teh..

"če te nekaj sili leteti, se nikdar ne boš plazil.."

#13 patricija1189

  • Vajenček
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Objavljeno: 8. julij 2020, 21:37

Nekateri že nekaj časa slutimo/jo, da se nekaj dogaja.


In še bolj se bo dogajalo.


To ni več teorija zarote, to je nova realnost, ki se živi zdaj ta trenutek.


Ko bi ljudje stopili skupaj in bili enotni, bi bilo zares fajn. Vsaj ekrat v zgodovini, da se za večno napiše en plus človeštvu.


Ker trenutno eliti uspeva deliti ljudi in jih vzpodbujati k zaprtosti vase, sovražnosti do sočloveka, zapirajo nas v lastne domove pod pretvezo skrbi za našo varnost in nam nabijajo maske na usta, da bi nas utišali. Vse to tako, pod tančico. Ampak vedno več ljudi se zbuja in vidijo, kaj je zadaj - nekaj, kar ni dobro. Ker taki ukrepi so skoraj samo še sami sebi namen. Namen zastraševanja, zapiranja, razdvojevanja. Razčlovečenja, če hočete. Sploh ni potrebno koncentracijskih taborišč - jih imamo kar "v zavetju lastnega doma".


V to so vpleteni zavrženi izrodki, ki niti ne skrivajo prav preveč, da jih zanima nadzor nad množico običajnih ljudi. But karma is an almighty bitch, waiting for you in the most dark corner.


Big brother is watching, but not the one who you think. The other brother.

#14 *glas*

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Objavljeno: 8. julij 2020, 23:06

Kako se ustvarjajo covid žarišča po svetu?
Najprej se začne virus v medijih.. nato se pa prestrašeni ljudje hodijo testirat.. nato pa..



Amerika "prvi val":


potem sledi malo medsebojnega obtoževanja.. to je ponavadi dovolj za člane čredice..


nato pa samo ponoviš štorijo, ko rabiš "drugi val"..


Ni to vezano na eno državo, poteka to enako za cel svet..


Recimo Anglija, ista zgodba:


in ...



"če te nekaj sili leteti, se nikdar ne boš plazil.."

#15 *glas*

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Objavljeno: 9. julij 2020, 17:32

Lep kolaž..  ampak manjka mi Obama (ki je naročil imel v aferi pizzagate naročilo za pice vredno okrog 50.000USD) in še na stotine drugih..  




"če te nekaj sili leteti, se nikdar ne boš plazil.."

#16 *glas*

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Objavljeno: 10. julij 2020, 00:50

Bill Clinton

"... that you are a rapist!"    biggrin.png




"če te nekaj sili leteti, se nikdar ne boš plazil.."

#17 *glas*

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Objavljeno: Včeraj, 23:20





"če te nekaj sili leteti, se nikdar ne boš plazil.."

#18 *glas*

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Objavljeno: Včeraj, 23:48






‘Human Flesh is The Best Meat’

Somewhere out there, there’s apparently a clip from French Radio where Perry describes her love for the taboo dish, going as far as to explain its popularity among the Hollywood Elite.

She reportedly says, “There is a group of old Hollywood guys who have an annual dinner party where the main dish is human.”


"če te nekaj sili leteti, se nikdar ne boš plazil.."

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