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Corona Viruses' Hoaxtrology for 67 Horoscope Signs

corona virus

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Objavljeno: 29. februar 2020, 16:47

#CoronaVirus portents for 67 #horoscope and 16 #ascendant signs.
OPHIUCHUS -  Travel is fairly safe early in the morning but stay away from people as remote as possible. 
LIBRA – You get rich over the misfortune of others, especially over high family death tolls. 
SERPENS CAPVT – Envision LVX – welcome white light in your life - walk natural parks – avoid car traffic. 
SCVTVM – Stay safe in September, avoid toxic people with corona hoax and delay marriage. 
SERPENS CAVDA – Stay away from “gay” people and queers of all kinds as they are mentally viral already. 
AQVILA – Love is safe but don’t wait too far. Fly like an eagle. Keep aloof like one. Take no shit. 
SAGITTARIUS – Do not fall for general pessimism and viral hoax – get up and make progress. 
CAPRICORNVS – Cry her a rivulet: ocular (eye) hygiene comes first as silence is golden. 
PEGASVS – Dispose of all rumors along with unnecessary stuff, especially old cell phones. 
AQVARIVS – Disinfect your aura by avoiding bad people while keeping childish innocence. 
CETUS – Nevertheless fasting on travel, midnight and noon seem critically contagious. 
PISCES – Do not travel: not on the spur of the moment: however tempted and safe. Shout (even and particularly when scared to death): scare the living daylights out of any viral situation: let it all out. Travel is highly unfavorable (not necessarily because any viral hoax at all), especially ad-libbed; but you recover without any medicine at all. Disinfect all: mind, soul, body, spirit and surrounding. Exorcise care.  
ARIES – Work normally – if (three days) ill – heal in (three) days. Enjoy prana-yama air as said virus is not airborne. 
ERIDANVS – Being well above or below average people’s height: you are technically out of danger: keep your distance as ever. 
TAVRVS – Safe in Venice. This as dynamic as complex analysis would take folio volumes1. 
ORION – A friend may transmit it to you – probably late at night so take precautions. 
AVRIGA – Stay away from anxious people, fake refugees, illegals: you have no problems in spring.  
MONOCEROS – Your connections enrich you and with due care you may have a lover as well. 
GEMINI – Mortal twin it is. This constellation features immortal twin as well. Do not marry.  
FOX – Take extra care of your skin in noticing any spots or wrinkles as good health indications.
CANCER – Stay at home, repair furniture; avoid draining terrain, slippery slopes: avalanches.  
SEXTANS – Stay at home with your whole family or refurbish your prep shack.
HYDRA – You are positively religiously safe in your own temple, cruise ship and Venice. 
LEO – You don’t need to work (this one out) at all: you decided to sit this one out: you don’t join hoax.
CORVUS – Stay away from riotous people, mob paranoia as wanted by #BigPharma #MSWin
CRATER – Your HGA Holy Guardian Angel is always with you beyond time forever in love. 
VIRGO – Disinfect all. Impeccability of Ariadne and Pan: innocence with brahmacarya chastity.
SCORPIVS – May be too late already but please do perform before dusk. Heart and health problems. The resent situation seems unfavorable for health, especially of musicians and commuters. Wooing nevertheless seems favorable after a period of flu. Close all doors while installing double doors where necessary. Airplane flights seem viable with precaution. large gatherings are unfavorable; gatherings of any kind: even Facebook. 

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