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Pholus v 12 Hiš

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{ Featuring the Baggins Effect }
Pholus is a centaur object (like Chiron).
In astrology meet a king in disguise and
fellow adventurer. [ May 20th update. ]

© 1998-2002 Klaudio Zic, All Rights Reserved

Pholus in Houses

1. This is a position of the cosmopolitan mind.
Pholus on the ascendant or in the first house
marks a mobile and unregular life. As an
example we have the traveling photographer.
Paris. On the halberds, moths, moths.

2. Roaming access to your account and temporary
loss of money when Pholus is in the second
house. Pholus has it's own oblique ways to
make you find the things you miss in life.

3. Briefs such as this analysis, quick schedule
builders, blitz interviews and a sense of
overall improvisation with Pholus in third.

Exactly on the cusp of your favorite house
system (Regiomontanus, Porphyry), Pholus thelepats
your favorite city and escape destination.

4. Changes are studied and patterns of timespace
arrange for insight with Pholus nadiring.
This is the position of the master spy.
Snooping around the kitchen in the early morning
makes for a paparazzo scoop in the late evening.

This is the Bilbo Baggins position (I.C.). One
loses local respectability, a few believe his
stories, all know he's mad, his friends are elves,
magicians and brownies; one dissapears never to
be back again. /1/

An example:
Pholus I.C. sco = little home theft of old money
Jupiter exact trine Pholus = good luck
Jupiter Kerberos = hacking good luck

Pholus in this position enhances the `restless
genes' (of the Tooks) in Bilbo, he steals in,
gets his prize and makes it towards happyend.
[ In the former example, darkplanet Kerberos,
Jupiter and Scorpio contribute to the success
of the thief. ]
5. Celibacy and meditation with Pholus in fifth.
One definitively has no love for trivia.
To others he might seem a troublemaker.
The lover as companion in adventure.
A comfortable risk, a safe dip into the
unknown. Cosmotravel for babies. Flash Gordon.
Pleasure trip (typical target Paris).
Also roaming around in a cosy maze (Venice).

6. Pholus in sixth. Rituals such as of left tantra.
Success as seaman. Swiss banks protect your capital.
A discrete standard even after heavy taxing.
Generally a symptom of good health.

7. Unmarried does not mean haremless.
When Pholus is in the 7th house, the soul mate
is from another place. It might even be off the planet
or from dreamworld.

8. This is a very loving position. Tears will clean
the way to sincerity. Davison relationship synastry
chart reports will determine the time of love.

9. Dreaming together and contacts with your guru in
the astral kingdom. Pholus is about traveling and
is accordingly obviousely strong in 12th 3rd and 9th.

10. Artists could profit from this position. The would be
guru has yet to discard his human frame. Media like TV.
Not a steady job at all, movimentated career, paid not
to work, poltron, flatterer, double agent.

11. Moving inside his own clan he keeps the core sincere.
Pholus is a happy family man when the big clan prospers
and perhaps lively transactions happen from within
it's circle. An advice increase severity and
nevertheless cherish the woman as the centre
of the clan. This is NASDAQ's position.

12. Samadhi is the end of married life. Yin and Yang
unmarry here. Tao knows neither Yin nor Yang.
One quits entangling himself with the world of
duty, parents long gone, he quits mindane business
and has false mind ("his" ego) as the only devil to
face to the end. TrueMind takes over, dissolving the
salt doll of "ego" or "foreign instal", daily mind.
Events funneled, as if guided by a mysterious hidden
god. TrueMind in the movie director's seat. "The Hand
of Oberon" by Roger Zelazny.

/1/ The position of Pholus in our case is (near) Alpha Serpentis!

Copyright © 2002 Claudio Solis
PAX TIBI MARCE EVANGELISTA MEVS Accademia Cosmografica degli Argonauti
Varuna/Cruithne/Centaurs/Transneptunes/I Ching/O5/majik/futurechanger

Sun May 20 16:37:29 GMT 2001

The Baggins Effect

????? © 2002 Klaudio Zic, All Rights Reserved ?????

The Baggins Effect

1. A few believe your stories. /1/

2. They think you're mad. /2/

3. They stole your silver spoons.

4. You loose your local respectability.

5. Your friends are elves, magicians and dwarrows.

6. You don't care.

7. The majik ring is your secret.

8. You write memories. /3/

9. You dissapear in public never to appear again. /4/

/1/ Often unconsciousely bribed and if they do, it is so for reasons
having nothing to do with the stories themselves.
/2/ They know you are. You know they know.
/3/ Writing of course offends them as everything. /5/
/4/ Jesus used a variant.
/5/ Writing annoys. Scares. A decent person does not write.
A normal man has no life story to tell. His duty was to
do nothing. Default life has no memoires.

Now sum the points and feedback to (list members).
Do you already suffer the Baggins effect? Are there any points we
should add/substract to this list? © JRRTolkien 2002

::|||: :||||: was I Ching's comment and description. One who
went far is likely to remain fundamentaly alone. The Queen of Disks
saw afar and became the Queen of Swords!
The =O5= formula, publications, logo, methods and procedures
are © Copyright 1994-2002 Klaudio Zic. Mail
for information and eventual further publishing permission.

Fri Apr 19 12:04:09 GMT 2002

????? © 2002 Klaudio Zic, All Rights Reserved ?????
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The =O5= formula, publications, logo, methods and procedures
are © Copyright 1994-2002 Klaudio Zic. Mail
for information and eventual further publishing permission.

Fri Apr 19 12:26:37 GMT 2002

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